Students' Articles

My tour to the Albertine region was very interesting. First of all, transport to that place was comfortable.

On our way, we saw different important places and when we reached Hoima, we had a nice breakfast.

We went to the hydropower dam where we were taught different things about how electricity is made, how it was constructed and more about how the dam works.

We enjoyed the place and we had fun taking photos with our friends and teachers. Afterwards, we went to other different interesting places like the Murchison falls national park, Bulindi agriculture research farm, Mica Eco resort hotel and many others.

When we went to the Murchison fall national park, the biggest national park in Uganda, we saw many interesting tourist attractions like kobs, elephants, buffalos, monkeys and the beautiful falls.

It was the best tour in my life. We thank our parents for facilitating such a memorable school event.

- Kirabo Joshmark, P.5 Grey

Every Year our school celebrates the International Day of the African Child.

The International Day of the African Child has been celebrated globally on 16 June each year since 1991, when it was first initiated by the Organization of African Unity.

It honours school children who lost their lives in the Soweto Uprising in 1976 on that day as they demanded for better education for black school children in South Africa.

It also raises awareness for the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children today.

During this year’s celebrations, the three of us were selected together to give a speech as the pupils’ representatives.

We used this opportunity to call upon everyone to respect the rights of children in Africa today and to condemn bad practices like child abuse, child sacrifice and defilement. We urge all parents to invest in the quality education of their Children as a way to transform our country and continent in future.

- Marunga Ainomugisha, Abesiga Styce & Mwiza Bethany P6 Red

My name is Kyuuka Tricia in Primary Five Blue and I am a Badminton star. I have grown up in a family where sports is loved.

Each time we come together in our sitting room, we watch mainly Sports Tv Channels.

We watch world sport like athletics, Rugby, tennis, Cricket and Badminton. I got inspired to play Badminton by Michelle Li. I have also been fortunate to have my elder sister who is also a Rugby player. She encouraged me a lot to play Badminton.

I have developed in the game and my school and parents are proud of me. She supports me and keeps encouraging me whenever I’m preparing for a tournament. This year, I was able to win 3 trophies for my school in the National Schools Badminton Championships and the East African Schools Badminton Championships.

Kyuuka Tricia

My name is Acom Oprah. I am aged eight years and a catholic by religion.

This year, I have been undergoing catechism from February up to November, when we completed our first holy communion.

This is a sacrament where we receive the body of Christ in form of bread and wine blessed by a priest. During catechism classes, we learnt about all the other sacraments and their values in Christianity, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to recite the rosary.

We also learn a lot about many other Biblical teachings.

I wish to thank Rev. Fr. Anthony Kimbiwa, the Parish Priest of Mbuya Parish, teachers and the school for organizing for us such lessons. We have matured spiritually, We learnt that because Jesus was good, we also have to remain good as we grow in spirit.

Mbuya Parents’ School is a school blessed with one of the best computer laboratories that can accommodate all pupils in a stream during the lesson.

The lab has got a whiteboard and a projector to ease teaching.

We are taught digitally using a well-designed presentation full slide show. This makes teaching much more interesting and enjoyable.

We also have well-qualified teachers and laboratory technicians with great skills to maintain the ICT equipment.

Computer study is offered as a compulsory subject to all classes from P.1 to P.7. This is because we are in an age where not to know or not to have basic computer knowledge is quite unthinkable.