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Badminton, My Game - Kyuuka Tricia

My name is Kyuuka Tricia in Primary Five Blue and I am a Badminton star. I have grown up in a family where sports is loved.

Each time we come together in our sitting room, we watch mainly Sports Tv Channels.

We watch world sport like athletics, Rugby, tennis, Cricket and Badminton. I got inspired to play Badminton by Michelle Li. I have also been fortunate to have my elder sister who is also a Rugby player. She encouraged me a lot to play Badminton.

I have developed in the game and my school and parents are proud of me. She supports me and keeps encouraging me whenever I’m preparing for a tournament. This year, I was able to win 3 trophies for my school in the National Schools Badminton Championships and the East African Schools Badminton Championships.

Kyuuka Tricia