Students' Articles

The Education Tour - Kirabo Joshmark, P.5 Grey

My tour to the Albertine region was very interesting. First of all, transport to that place was comfortable.

On our way, we saw different important places and when we reached Hoima, we had a nice breakfast.

We went to the hydropower dam where we were taught different things about how electricity is made, how it was constructed and more about how the dam works.

We enjoyed the place and we had fun taking photos with our friends and teachers. Afterwards, we went to other different interesting places like the Murchison falls national park, Bulindi agriculture research farm, Mica Eco resort hotel and many others.

When we went to the Murchison fall national park, the biggest national park in Uganda, we saw many interesting tourist attractions like kobs, elephants, buffalos, monkeys and the beautiful falls.

It was the best tour in my life. We thank our parents for facilitating such a memorable school event.

- Kirabo Joshmark, P.5 Grey