Students' Articles

Confirmation and Holy - Acom Oprah.

My name is Acom Oprah. I am aged eight years and a catholic by religion.

This year, I have been undergoing catechism from February up to November, when we completed our first holy communion.

This is a sacrament where we receive the body of Christ in form of bread and wine blessed by a priest. During catechism classes, we learnt about all the other sacraments and their values in Christianity, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to recite the rosary.

We also learn a lot about many other Biblical teachings.

I wish to thank Rev. Fr. Anthony Kimbiwa, the Parish Priest of Mbuya Parish, teachers and the school for organizing for us such lessons. We have matured spiritually, We learnt that because Jesus was good, we also have to remain good as we grow in spirit.