Students' Articles

My School Library - Ninsima Bridget, P.5 Grey

My school is equipped with a library where we read to search for knowledge and also for amusement.

In the library, books are arranged according to subjects and classes, and they properly displayed on shelves.

On sides of the library hall, there are long tables and plastic chairs where we sit and read newspapers, journals and magazines.

Some take down notes. Nobody is permitted to talk or disturb others. Every class has one library period once a week.


Pupils are supposed to go to the library in that period and study. The library also has reference and textbooks. They are to be studied in the library itself. 


The calm and quiet atmosphere of the library helps pupils to read attentively. The school librarian is a trained and qualified person with experience. She gives advice to pupils on the choice of books. She carries on her duty well and is of great help to pupils. We find her ready for us all the time. She advises pupils not to spoil books by scribbling on or tearing off pages.